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In my last post I created a twitter developer account. In this post I will access Twitter with a Java program.

Setup Eclipse Project

Create a new Maven Project:

Create a simple project (skip archetype selection).

Change JRE System Library from Java 1.5 to Java 1.8.

Add Twitter4J to Maven dependencies:

<project xmlns=""







Create a new file in folder src/main/resources with account properties from developer console:

oauth.consumerKey =       // your key (API key)
oauth.consumerSecret =    // your secret (API secret key)
oauth.accessToken =       // your token
oauth.accessTokenSecret = // your token secret

There are some other ways to configure (Java Code, Environment Variables, System Properties), see here

Java Code

Write a simple Code Example to show 7 Tweets with HashTag #Happy:

public class TwitterClient {

	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
		Twitter twitter = TwitterFactory.getSingleton();
	    Query query = new Query("#Happy");
	    QueryResult result =;
	    for (Status status : result.getTweets()) {
	        System.out.println("@" + status.getUser().getScreenName() + ":" + status.getText());

Change code to show Tweets of Pope Francis with God in it:

Query query = new Query("from:Pontifex God");

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