PrimeFaces Template App

I need an easy way to show some database data of an existing application. The architecture and technic of the application is quite old and unconfortable, so I decided to setup a new project with a modern framework.

I need overview of data in a table, maybe with CSV or PDF file export. A chart to show the number of incoming data per time etc.
I want to use a framwork that provides components for this requirements, so I do not have to code much for things like paging, file export etc.
I one of my prior projects we used Java Server Faces, and so I came up to give PrimeFaces a try. They have a good ShowCase to show their components.

Unfortunatly it was a little bit more complex to setup the project than I thought at the beginning. No rocket science, but I took me some time for the initial setup, therefore I decided to extract this to a PrimeFaces Template Application to easily reuse it next time and uploaded it to GitHub.

Setup project

Created a new Maven project in Eclipse.
Added Eclipse Gitignore defaults from GitHub and target folder (created by Maven) to .gitignore file.
Added beans.xml, web.xml and index.xhtml files to project:


For CDI we need the beans.xml file. Nothing special, it just has to be there:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""

PrimeFaces Configuration

Minimum setup in web.xml, except of the explicit use of the Omega theme:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app version="4.0"

		<servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

		<servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>



I want to use Tomcat and not a EE application server like Payara. Therefore I have to add JSF. And I want to use the current version, which is 2.3, so I have to add CDI (JBoss Weld) also.

Since this JSF version, the JSF managed bean facility @ManagedBean is DEPRECATED in in favour of CDI and CDI has become a REQUIRED dependency for JSF 2.3.

Of course PrimeFaces has to be added as dependency, currently in version 8.0 and PrimeFaces Themes.

<project xmlns=""



			<name>PrimeFaces Maven Repository</name>



FlexGrid / PrimeFlex

Flex Grid CSS is a lightweight flex based responsive layout utility optimized for mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Flex Grid CSS is not included in PrimeFaces as it is provided by PrimeFlex, a shared grid library between PrimeFaces, PrimeNG and PrimeReact projects.

Add dependency for Webjar, so we do not need to download and copy the files in our project:


Import PrimeFlex in index.xhtml:

  <h:outputStylesheet name="webjars/primeflex/2.0.0/primeflex.css" />

For the usage of PrimeFlex please have a look into the documentation.


The usage of PrimeIcons is well documented.
Just import the stylesheet and use them, example:

  <h:outputStylesheet name="primeicons/primeicons.css" library="primefaces" />

  <i class="pi pi-check"></i>
  <i class="pi pi-times"></i>

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