PostgreSQL Excel Data Imports Using DBeaver

There are many ways to work with data, here is a quick walkthrough how to transfer data from an Excel file into a database.

Excel-File -> CSV-File -> DBeaver -> PostgreSQL

Excel file

We have a simple Excel file:

with a simple sample data structure:

Excel file conversion

We need to convert the Excel file into a .csv (Comma Seperated Values) file.

Just open the file -> Datei -> Exportieren > Dateityp ändern -> CSV
and save as sample.csv

Import from CSV

In DBeaver:

Open Database connection -> database -> schema -> Rightclick -> Data import:

Import from CSV:

Change delimiter (Spaltentrennzeichen) from , to ;

click "Auto assign", change target to "sample"

TADA! We have a new table "sample" in our database:

Create CSV connection

Let's try another way. Delete table "sample" and create a connection to the CSV file:

Click Browse… and select the folder where your csv file is that you saved from Excel. You’re selecting a folder here, not a file. The connection will load ALL csv files in that folder. Click Finish.

Download the driver, if using for the very first time:

You will now see a new connection; this connection is set up exactly like a regular connection. Each csv file in your folder will be set up as a table with columns.

But there is a problem with the columns, it's just one, not three:

Doublecheck delimiter, but it is already set to ;

Ah, in driver details we have to set the separator from , to ;

Looks better now:

Export CSV data into database:

Once again we have our sample table in our database:

Development Java


JEXIEPORTER = JSON Excel XML Importer Exporter

Die Sourcen des JEXIEPORTER finden sich wie immer im GitHub.

Der JEXIEPORTER ist ein PoC um Java Objekt in XML oder JSON Strings zu transformieren und aus den XML/JSON-Strings wieder Java Objekte zu transformieren.
Außerdem um CSV-Dateien sowie Excel- und ODF/ODS-Dateien zu lesen und zu schreiben.

Der JEXIEPORTER führt folgende Schritte durch:

  • import sampledata.csv
  • convert data to xml
  • convert data to json
  • convert xml to objects
  • convert json to objects
  • export data as CSV to a temporary file and opens system csv-viewer
  • export data as xls to a temporary file and opens system xls-viewer
  • import temporary xlx file


Die Beispieldaten sampledata.csv habe ich auf GenerateData generieren lassen und habe dann die trennenden Komma durch Semikolon ersetzt.




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