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Simple Notification Service

What I want to do today

Create a SNS, send and receive messages.

Create SNS

Just go to Amazon SNS -> Topics -> Create topic and set a name for the topic:

In the next screen I create a subscription with Protocol Email and my email address. Immediately I got an email with a link to subscribe to the topic. After Confirmation I can check in the Subsriptions view that the status has changed to "Confirmed".

There is a Amazon SNS -> Topics -> MyFirstTestTopic -> Publish message function in the AWS Console to publish a message to topic, which is a good way to test the service.

Java Code

I continue with my test project from my last post.

List SNS Topics

SnsClient snsClient = SnsClient.builder().region(Region.EU_CENTRAL_1).build();
ListTopicsRequest request = ListTopicsRequest.builder().build();
ListTopicsResponse result = snsClient.listTopics(request);
System.out.println("Status was " + result.sdkHttpResponse().statusCode() + "\n\nTopics\n\n" + result.topics());

Lists all topics of my AWS account.

Publish message to topic

SnsClient snsClient = SnsClient.builder().region(Region.EU_CENTRAL_1).build();
String topicArn = "arn:aws:sns:eu-central-1:175335015168:MyFirstTestTopic";
String message = "This is a test (c)DerIngo";
PublishRequest request = PublishRequest.builder().message(message).topicArn(topicArn).build();
PublishResponse result = snsClient.publish(request);
System.out.println(result.messageId() + " Message sent. Status was " + result.sdkHttpResponse().statusCode());

Test email received, it works, YAY!


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