Real Bug

In my second Blogpost I wrote about a bug, that was not a bug, but then I had to figure out, that there is a bug.

The syntax hightlighting is working while editing a blogpost or viewing it as single post. But not on the home page. To enable it on the home page I had to change the 'Enable Code Block on Home Page' setting. Works fine.

I wrote my second Blogpost about this and then the syntax highlighting was gone again.

I disabled the second post: The syntax highlighting of the fist post was there again.
I enabled the second post again: The syntax highlighting of the fist post was gone :'(

Next test:
I added block of code in my second post.
The code of the second post was highlighted on the Home Page. And also the code of the first post on the Home Page!

I removed the block of code from my second post and added this cool piece of code to this post:

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 GOTO 10

Now the syntax hightlighting works on home page for this (third) post and the first post.
As long as the first post on the home pages has a code block, the code blocks of all posts on the home page will work.

So if you see an post on my home page without syntax highlighting, just wait until I write a new post with a piece of code or open the single post page.

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